New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

New Product Shorts

Filter Away
Orival, Inc.:


Starting at 3/4 inch and continuing up to 24 inches, Orival can provide any filtration system from 8 to 12,000 gpm. Orival, Inc. has been providing greenhouse irrigation systems for more than 20 years.

Pallet Success
Northwest Horticulture:

The Pallet Shipper program from Northwest Horticulture is a crush-resistant packaging system that is stacked on pallets, delivering dormant trays strait to growers’ doors. The Pallet Shipper stacking system allows air to circulate through the plants during shipping. Shipping on pallets is also a more cost-effective method compared to boxes and a great option for customers placing small orders. Pallet shipper is available for orders as low as 72 trays.

Speed, Muscle & Brains
Wadsworth Control Systems:

Wadsworth’s new 3 RPM VC 2000 Motor offers unique override protection, which stops the motor if binding or obstruction occurs. Its faster drive powers roof panels, wing vents and roll-up walls quickly in the event of storms. It is easy to install.

Revolutionary Injector
Chemilizer Products, Inc.:

The Chemilizer CP33 is a revolutionary adjustable non-electric, water-driven injector that is ideally suited for nursery and greenhouse use and water chlorination. It precisely injects liquid fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides and growth regulators. The versatile CP33 is a cost-effective alternative to competing 20 to 100 GPM injectors with accurate, reliable injection. The CP33 is backed by a strong warranty.

Simple Tagger
Visser NA:

The Visser tagger’s simple design eliminates unreliable suction cups to grip tags, has very few moving parts and is accurate, high-speed and competitively priced. It has a minimal changeover time, with quick-change tag magazines and an easy-to-operate control panel. Single and multiple head options are available. It rolls up to any conveyor belt in the production line to tag pots, packs or trays.

Open Up To Profits
X.S. Smith, Inc.:

The Sun Roof open roof greenhouse from X.S. Smith delivers full exposure to direct sunlight and ambient temperature. When the Sun Roof is closed, the greenhouse provides all the protection and environmental control expected from a permanent roof. Indirect roof drives can open up to 15,000 square feet of roof area per motor/controlled zone.