Vision Of The Future

Vision Of The Future

Vision Of The Future

An increasing number of high-quality, large-volume marketing programs require pots that have an attractive look at the point of sale, standardized volumes according to the weights and measures rules and are excellent growing containers, as well as being affordable. Poppelmann Plastics has created a product line that would fill the niche — the TEKUVISION line.


“We believe that our TEKUVISION line is the optimum answer to these requirements and will set the standard for these programs in the market,” says Poppelmann’s Jack Shelton. What makes the TEKUVISION different from other TEKU pots, says Shelton, is that TEKUVISION is printed completely from the top to the bottom, where traditional pots generally have an unprinted shoulder. TEKUVISION pots have a special shiny surface, too, and they’re printed with a photo-quality offset print, which is the highest available print quality on the market. Also, the TEKUVISION program has standardized volumes to comply with the weights and measures regulations.

TEKUVISION pots work well for cultivation, because they provide good irrigation and three-level drainage through a multi-hole bottom. This also makes for very good aeration of the soil-medium, Shelton adds. The plastic sheet’s dark inside layer prevents light from damaging roots.

The line is also great for handling. The facet rim provides for easy de-stacking, creating a smooth flow in pot dispensers. The stable U-Rim secures great side stability.


The TEKUVISION product line will comprise a program of standardized volumes:

12 fluid ounces (VCF 9-0350)
1 pint (VCF 10-0400)
 1.5 pint  (VCF 11-0450)
 1 quart  (VCF 12-0475)
 1.75 quart  (VCF 15-0600)
 2.5 quart  (VCF 17-0675)

From the start of 2007, all sizes will be available for the market, but the first two sizes (VCF 11 and VCF 17) will be ready for production immediately.

Shelton says that for every TEKUVISION size, there will be a two-row flat filling tray (in the UT series). Transport and carrying trays also will be available.

“The first time we presented the TEKUVISION line to the broader public was at the OFA in Columbus in July,” says Shelton. “Our meetings before and at OFA with leading growers, retailers and marketing associations were exciting and very promising, and they confirmed that the TEKUVISION line represents what the market has been waiting for.”

According to Shelton, that includes: A marketing tool with a premium-quality appearance, a true growing container with all the cultivation and handling benefits and standardized, even volumes according to the weights and measures regulations.

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