New Soil Mix Technology Generates High-Precision Greenhouse Growing

Competitive growers seeking to reduce labor costs are automating the soil mixing process to get on-demand delivery of specialized mixed growing media for their production needs. They want more control over how and when they make their media mixes because the precise nature of their businesses demands accuracy. New mix line technology offers growers that exactness, while also delivering flexibility, consistency, and efficiency. Learn more about new soil mix technology and the market and check out the slideshow for more information on the new products.


AgriNomix (Oberlin, OH) provides greenhouse growers with integrated solutions that range from stand-alone production equipment to customized production lines. The company recently constructed a large mix line with a capacity to mix 60 to 120 yards per hour for a growing operation in Ontario, Canada. Several new modifications add to the system’s efficiency and keep the machines running smoothly during critical production periods. Enhancements include email notifications, 24-hour technical support with Internet-based troubleshooting, and webcams that allow technicians to look into the
machine remotely.

Bouldin & Lawson

Bouldin & Lawson (McMinnville, TN) works with growers to provide custom mix lines that are modular in design, which allows for additional hoppers or for changes to the size and type of hopper when a grower is ready to expand. The company achieves this flexibility with a plug-and-play control “node” system that eliminates complex control wiring that adds to the expense of expansion or configuration changes.

Pack Manufacturing

Pack Manufacturing (McMinnville, TN) designed a custom mixing system complete with a conveyor delivery system for a grower who needed something that could keep up with his pot and tray fillers. The mix line processes 90 cubic yards of growing media per hour and includes six bulk hoppers and six stainless steel chemical hoppers. A state-of-the-art control system allows the grower to program custom soil blends for each destination. When the destination calls for soil, the system starts up and delivers the specific size and blended mix to the site. With wireless access to the control system, the grower can view progress and see how much volume has been mixed and delivered from his smartphone.


Mayer (Sparta, IL, and Heidenheim, Germany) worked with an Austrian herb grower to install a soil mix line that gave the grower flexible mixing options. Mayer connected several of its machines into the mix line, including the EM 6012 soil mixer, which can be set for automatic mixing or for direct feeding of a potting machine or tray-filling machine. The soil mixer has a special mixing system with a swiveling elevator that tilts backward for mixing. The elevator chains and a rubber conveyor belt turn continuously to mix the soil. The elevator tilts forward to an unloading position once the soil is mixed. This process ensures a homogenous mixing result.

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