The Latest Developments In Greenhouse Structures

Two of the key words used by several greenhouse structure manufacturers to describe their latest products are flexibility and longevity. Because every grower has a different set of needs when they set out to add a new structure or renovate a current one, it’s important for suppliers to be able to address these concerns.

Learn more below about some of the newest structure products coming onto the market. A slideshow offers a visual look at each structure, and the pages that follow show product specifications for each model.



X-Frame Retractable Roof Greenhouse And Shadehouse (Cravo)

The X-Frame is a low-cost retractable roof house that is ideal for protecting outdoor growing areas of perennials, bedding plants, vegetables, and berries from excessive cold, heat, hail, wind, and rain. The roof is supported from rods instead of trusses. Water drains to the valley in the roof and then falls to the ground unless optional gutters are installed. It can withstand 120 kph winds with the roof and walls closed, and can handle significant snow or hail loads.

Technical Details:
• Standard width: 31½ feet wide
• Under-Gutter height: 14 feet
• Post/column spacing: 12 feet by 31½ feet
• Glass details: Clear or white reinforced polyethylene roof covering
• Sidewall height: 14 feet
• Extras: Computer-controlled automatic retractable roof

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