The Latest Developments In Greenhouse Structures

Two of the key words used by several greenhouse structure manufacturers to describe their latest products are flexibility and longevity. Because every grower has a different set of needs when they set out to add a new structure or renovate a current one, it’s important for suppliers to be able to address these concerns.

Learn more below about some of the newest structure products coming onto the market. A slideshow offers a visual look at each structure, and the pages that follow show product specifications for each model.

X-Frame Retractable Roof Greenhouse And Shadehouse (Cravo)

The X-Frame is a low-cost retractable roof house that is ideal for protecting outdoor growing areas of perennials, bedding plants, vegetables, and berries from excessive cold, heat, hail, wind, and rain. The roof is supported from rods instead of trusses. Water drains to the valley in the roof and then falls to the ground unless optional gutters are installed. It can withstand 120 kph winds with the roof and walls closed, and can handle significant snow or hail loads.

Technical Details:
• Standard width: 31½ feet wide
• Under-Gutter height: 14 feet
• Post/column spacing: 12 feet by 31½ feet
• Glass details: Clear or white reinforced polyethylene roof covering
• Sidewall height: 14 feet
• Extras: Computer-controlled automatic retractable roof

Zephyr Greenhouse (Nexus)

Superior cooling and dehumidification is the basis of the Nexus Zephyr Greenhouse. Hot air escapes at the highest point in the greenhouse, not at the lower gutter area, as in a gutter-vented design. Top ridge vents allow for dehumidification even when snow is in the gutters. The combination of the Zephyr vertical ridge vent and side/endwall vents eliminates the need for exhaust fans and reduces dependence on high-cost electricity. Grower experience in this house indicates the ability to hold outside ambient temperature in the greenhouse without use of mechanical cooling. Zephyr trusses are factory welded using galvanized steel to offer consistency in dimension and ease of site construction. The strength of the Nexus pioneered, welded truss design gives you flexibility to hang baskets, vegetable crops, and small equipment, increasing the amount of crop that can be grown in the same square footage. Curved truss design allows for a variety of roof coverings: Double-poly (designed to retrofit to a hard cover at a later date), twin-wall or corrugated sheets. Vent options include drop-down curtains, multi-walled panels, or corrugated covered rack and pinion vents.

Technical Details:
• Widths: 24 feet, 30 feet, 36 feet; non-standard widths are available
• Sidewall height: 8 feet to 14 feet
• Bay spacing: 10 feet, 12 feet

Venlo Style Greenhouse (JGS)

The Venlo style greenhouse consists of 13 independent containment compartments. It is constructed with hot-dipped galvanized steel framing accompanied with an aluminum/glass cladding system.

The chart in the slideshow provides technical details on the Venlo Style Greenhouse and two other JGS structures.

Half Open-Roof Greenhouse (GGS)

GGS has created a half open-roof design in response to growers’ increasing concerns about ventilation with drip control. The GGS open-roof greenhouse design provides an optimal system to both maximize ventilation while maintaining a smooth surface on the poly and provide a good roof pitch for condensation control. Not only does the house stay dry, the open-roof greenhouse can keep crops cooler than a gutter-vented design. The gable ends include venting, and are made of long-lasting acrylic.

The chart in the slideshow provides technical details on the Half Open-Roof Greenhouse and two other GGS structures.

Vail/Atrium-Style Greenhouse (Nexus)

Nexus’ Vail/Atrium-style greenhouse incorporates a roof vent that vertically opens to 85 degrees and can therefore match outdoor conditions. Temperatures are within 1 degree of fully open roofs with significant reduction in cost and maintenance. Growers using the Nexus Atrium have experienced reduced need for chemical and growth regulators. With individual motors, zone opening ability allows for total flexibility in cooling and venting. Growers have reduced operating costs by minimizing the need for use of cooling equipment. The double-tooth steel racks give added strength at crucial stress points in windy conditions, and have a longer life than aluminum racks. The Vail/Atrium Greenhouse provides total versatility for all crops at all stages.

Technical Details:
• Width: 15 feet, 24 feet, 30 feet, 35 feet 6 inches, 41 feet 6 inches
• Bay spacing: 10 feet, 12 feet
• Gutter height: 10 feet to 16 feet

Rainbow Super (Stuppy Inc.)

When growers need the flexibility of large, open greenhouse space with tall sidewalls, the Rainbow Super can deliver. It’s ideal for “factory” plant production and economical enough to make it the right structure for large growing areas. This adaptable greenhouse can go from hot climates and natural ventilation to fully automated hydroponic production. Combined with the perfectly engineered blend of adaptable space, easy construction, and durability, it will stand strong for many years of service. This structure is ideal for commercial horticulture, vegetable and citrus growers.

Powerhouse (Stuppy Inc.)

The high-tech Powerhouse high tunnel from Stuppy has the versatility to be a fully climate-controlled greenhouse or an economical cold frame. Engineered and designed for the commercial grower, it provides the strength to protect and sustain your crop to yield maximum profitability while promoting ease of construction and affordability for the beginning vegetable farmer or a lucky USDA grant recipient. The Powerhouse is suitable for almost any type of grower, whether they are growing in-ground, on benches, or utilizing an aquaponics system. The greenhouse can even be modified to be moveable around a field.

Ovaltech (Harnois Greenhouses)

Harnois’ Ovaltech is an economic solution for growers. It is adaptable and versatile. The greenhouse can change its purpose and function as needed and is very economic. Its gothic shape captures sunlight and creates a bright environment that promotes crop growth consistency. Among all its benefits, it encompasses a large volume of air which helps to maintain stable temperatures at plant levels and also maximizes natural ventilation efficiency.

Technical Details:
• Standard width: From 20 feet to 42 feet
• Under-gutter height/inside clearance: From 6 feet 6 inches to 10 feet
• Arch details: A- Oval 15⁄8 inches by 2¾ inches; B- Oval 2 inches by 39/16 inches; C- Oval 2¾ inches by 45⁄16 inches; North American high-quality graded steel (50 kpsi); Galvalume coated; Arch spacing from 3 feet to 8 feet
• Roof pitch: From 34 degrees to 45 degrees
• Sidewall heights: From 4 feet to 6 feet 6 inches
• Extras: Hardware grade 5; zinc nickel plated
• Other comments: Can handle up to 50 pounds per square foot snow load

Luminosa (Harnois Greenhouses)

Each component of the Luminosa has been designed to create optimal production conditions. Whether you consider the luminosity, air volume, usable space, or ventilation, the Luminosa is designed to bring productivity and profitability. Through a combination of optimized engineered design and higher-gauge steel, the results are a much lighter structure that concedes nothing in terms of strength and durability.

Technical Details:
• Standard width: From 21 feet 4 inches to 36 feet
• Under-gutter height/inside clearance: From 10 feet to 24 feet 6 inches
• Arch details: A- Oval 15⁄8 inches by 2¾ inches; B- Oval 2 inches by 39/16 inches; C- Oval 2¾ inches by 45⁄16 inches; North American high-quality graded steel (50 kpsi); Galvalume coated; Arch spacing from 4 feet to 2 meters
• Gutter details: 9 inches wide
• Post strength rating: 3½ inch square
• Post/column spacing: 6 feet, 12 feet, 4 meters
• Roof pitch: 45 degrees
• Sidewall heights: From 10 feet to 24 feet 6 inches
• Extras: Hardware grade 5; zinc nickel plated
• Other comments: Can handle up to 50 pounds per square foot snow load

Dual Atrium Greenhouse (Nexus)

The Nexus Dual Atrium offers outstanding growing conditions with a roof vent opening up to 85 degrees. There are fewer obstructions than other full open-roof style structures, leading to higher light levels. The roof can close in less than three minutes, allowing for total flexibility in cooling and venting. It uses up to 50% fewer rack and pinions with 50% fewer motors than other open roof style structures, leading to lower initial cost, less maintenance, and lower energy consumption. Up to 50% fewer gutters than full open-roof style structures leads to lower initial costs, meaning fewer shadows and fewer condensation points.

Technical Details:
• Width: 36 feet, 42 feet
• Bay spacing: 10 feet, 12 feet
• Gutter height: 10 feet to 16 feet

CS3 (Stuppy Inc.)

The CS3 is a new version of a proven greenhouse. It was designed to provide maximum flexibility. Growers can choose from a variety of covering, equipment, and ventilation options while maintaining common truss and column spacing. This enables growers to easily configure and uniformly accommodate walks, trolley systems, rolling benches, doors, and evaporative cooling systems. It is the epitome of a quality greenhouse structure and performs best when combined with interior automation (e.g. automatic shade systems, irrigation, grow lights, controllers, etc.). This structure is ideal for vegetable and citrus growers, commercial horticulture, education, and garden centers.

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