Growing ‘Blackberry Punch’

Growing 'Blackberry Punch' 

We all know the new releases each year will lead to a few surprises, but with a little upfront info we can make the whole process easier on everyone.


‘Superbells Blackberry Punch’ is another wild color combination from the same breeder as the entire Superbells Punch group. The goal here was to develop a line of striking bicolor flowers that stand out from all the other calibrachoa on the market.

Does ‘Blackberry Punch’ require anything different than others in the series? No. Is ‘Blackberry Punch’ different from other Superbells Punch types? Yes.

The main differences are in leaf and flower presentation. Otherwise, it is business as usual as it would be in growing any calibrachoa. Flowering and new growth of ‘Blackberry Punch’ will always be close together, so expect the tips of leaves to show through flowers. The striking black eye and rich purple petals are unique for calibrachoa. The other need-to-knows for ‘Blackberry Punch’ are as follows:
pH. 5.5 to 5.8

EC. 0.6-0.9 (using 2-to-1 extraction method)

Fertilization. 150-200 ppm, micronutrient foliar spray of chelated iron can be beneficial. Maintain pH and EC levels between a pH of 5.5 and 5.8, and an EC of 0.6 and 0.9.

Temperature. Rooting out 65 to 72°F; growing on 55 to 65°F; and holding 40 to 50°F.

Light. Light levels should always be very high for calibrachoa.

Water. Moderate to moist. Avoid soggy soil, especially during rooting out. Combine (where possible) all watering, fungicides and fertilization into one application to reduce chances of getting young plants too wet.

Planting. Spring through fall finish.

Finish Time

For 4 to 5 inch: Four to six weeks with one liner per pot.

For 6 inch and 1 gallons: Five to seven weeks with one liner per pot.

For 8 inch: Seven to nine weeks with three liners per pot.

For 10 and 12 inch: Ten to 12 weeks with three to five liners per pot.

For pots 6 inches and smaller, pinch at transplanting only. For hanging baskets and pots larger than 6 inches, soft pinch at planting and trim around pots just prior to hanging. Five to 10 ppm Sumagic or a B-9/Cycocel (2500/750) tank mix is effective. Additionally, 500 ppm Florel on baskets and larger pots will promote branching.