Hines Finds Partner In Europe

Hines Growers' Bloomtastic! plant

Hines Growers has partnered with Breederplants, a breeder/grower consortium in the Netherlands, to introduce the United States to new proprietary plants and take the Hines Growers’ Bloomtastic! brand overseas.


“This is an industry game-changer,” says Joe Gray, vice president of Hines Growers. “This partnership plugs Hines directly into small breeders all over Europe. The potential to feed huge collections of proprietary plants to the American consumer is enormous.”

Ronald Laman, director of Breederplants, agrees, saying the reciprocal alliance is a “first” of its kind in Europe.

“This exciting new concept makes it easier for European breeders to bring plants directly to a global market and grow retail demand faster,” Laman says.

With the new partnership, growers and retailers across the U.S. and Europe have access to a worldwide range of robust flowering plants from different breeders under one brand. This creates what Gray describes as “a “super” market for plants.

Laman says Breederplants will begin offering Bloomtastic! liners to the European market in 2013.

In addition to partnering with Breederplants, Hines Growers also announced all Bloomtastic! plants will feature its “green” EcoCover mulch disc collars. These collars, which are designed to improve soil health, save water and block weeds, are 100 percent organic, biodegradable and compostable.

“An EcoCover mulch disc in all our pots makes Bloomtastic! just what gardeners want,” Gray says.  “Retailers now have the value-added benefit of truly easy-to-grow, low-maintenance, continuous bloomers that are eco-friendly, too.”

With the new partnership, the EcoCover discs will continue to be used successfully worldwide.

“Gardeners can simply ‘plant and go,'” says Gray. “Healthier soil means healthier plants and that saves gardeners time and resources—and gives them more time to enjoy the garden.”

Learn more about Hines Growers at HinesHort.com.

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