How To Grow Rockapulco

Double impatiens 'Rockapulco Coral Reef'

Proven Winners has made its first addition to the double impatiens Rockapulco collection in Coral Reef. ‘Rockapulco Coral Reef’ has a unique color, as petals emerge coral and turn to a bright, electrifying pink as they age. All of the Rockapulcos are vigorous and feature flowers that resemble miniature roses or camellias.



Production guidelines are the same for all varieties in the collection. These double impatiens need higher light levels than traditional impatiens. As with all impatiens, brighter light in production helps control stem stretch and focuses growth on higher flower production.

In most regions of the United States, the Rockapulco collection requires no shade in production. But under extreme high temperatures, brighter light can cause minimal flower or leaf scorch.


Another important note is to watch fertilization rates. Rockapulco and all impatiens are very responsive to fertilizer rates and types. High fertilizer rates, and especially high ammonia-based fertilizers, will give thick, lush growth at the expense of flowers. Or, they’ll result in buried flowers. A balanced fertilizer at 150 to 200 parts per million (ppm) is adequate for best flowering.

Height Control

Plant growth regulators can also help control growth if needed. Bonzi (3 to 15 ppm) applied once or twice as a spray can be used to control growth. Mature plants approaching salable size can be drenched with Bonzi (0.25 to 3 ppm) to significantly slow growth while allowing plants to continue to flower.

Hanging Basket Production

Another tip when growing Rockapulco as hanging baskets is that care should be taken to avoid spent flowers falling onto crops below them. This can be a hygiene issue if old flowers accumulate on bench crops.