Perennial Plant Products Launches New Perennials Branding Programs


Geranium ‘Rozanne’

Responding to the need for a fully integrated approach to marketing perennials, Perennial Plant Products recently announced it has launched a new, two-brand marketing strategy developed for its North American and European markets.


Designed to involve the entire supply chain from breeder to end consumer, the new strategy involves the creation of two separate brands, one for the floriculture industry (“Must Have Perennials”) and the other focused on the end consumer (“Rozanne and Friends”). Each is supported by its own individual branding, including new logos and websites, but with an integrated marketing communications approach to drive market growth. Over the next six months, the new elements of the program will be shared through the entire supply chain.

Must Have Perennials is designed to provide an integrated marketing vehicle to support breeders, young plant producers, finished plant producers, and retailers in bringing new, innovative perennials to market, as well as the continued marketing of the existing ranges of top-selling perennials, up to this point marketed under the Blooms of Bressingham brand. This includes Geranium ‘Rozanne.’ The existing licensee network is not changing.

Must Have Perennials has its own website and is being further developed to provide full-range information on each variety, including growing data, seasonal marketing ideas, and advance news of new introductions. The site will also include access to new marketing materials to be created for the industry to use in the promotion of sales.

Rozanne and Friends is focused on promoting the Must Have Perennials range to the end user through its own website, which is under development, and individual branding. This will build on Geranium ‘Rozanne’s successful consumer marketing through social media, with more than 65,000 likes on Facebook.

Rozanne’s “Friends” will be constantly developing a range of perennial plants, each with outstanding garden performance, versatility, and functionality to meet the needs of the consumer, together with offering exceptional value for money.

A range of in-store, point-of-sale material is being developed over the next six months to assist retailers in maximizing sales potential, linking with the Rozanne and Friends national marketing campaigns.

A new Rozanne and Friends Garden Design Program is also being developed over the next year. To the end consumer, it will highlight plant combinations and the provision of much-needed information on how and where to use all perennials. It will also be at the center of marketing communications to both the trade and end consumer.

For more information, contact Christine Kelleher at 330-780-2302 or [email protected].