Biocontrols Workshop Will Help You ID Key Pests in the Greenhouse

Biocontrols Workshop Will Help You ID Key Pests in the Greenhouse

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To solve a pest problem in the greenhouse, you need to know precisely which species you’re dealing with, and that step is even more critical when you’re adding biological control products to the mix.


As you’re marking your calendar to attend the Biocontrols USA East Conference & Expo in Rochester, NY, Oct. 10-12, don’t forget to register for “Greenhouse Insect Pest Identification: Know Your Foe,” an informative workshop session that will be led by Buglady Consulting’s Suzanne Wainwright-Evans and John Sanderson of Cornell University. The workshop is designed to help you identify many of the key pests commonly found in commercial greenhouse ornamental and vegetable production, including numerous species of aphid, thrips, whitefly, and more.

The workshop program will offer life cycle information on pest and beneficials, as well as management tips. Pesticide compatibility will also be discussed. This lively session will feature on-screen full-color photography and videos, as well as a take-home booklet with key diagnostic features of the insect and mites covered. This will help you to develop the right control strategy to keep your toughest pest problems under control this season. There will also be live samples of the pests to view up close.

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