Canadian Greenhouse Conference Features Tracks on Pest Control, Water Management, and More

Canadian Greenhouse Conference Features Tracks on Pest Control, Water Management, and More

Canadian Greenhouse ConferenceThe Canadian Greenhouse Conference (CGC), which takes place Oct. 4-5, 2017, at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, ON, Canada, is the country’s foremost event for flower, vegetable, cannabis, and nursery growers, and a great networking opportunity for growers, suppliers, and research partners.

Have you made plans to head north for the conference? If so (and if you’re considering it), here’s a list of six things you can expect to experience.


1. A Conference Bus Tour on Tuesday, Oct. 3

A unique opportunity to tour Ontario’s premier vegetable and flower growing operations, the CGC bus tour will travel to the Leamington area in 2017. It’s a chance to gain valuable insights and ideas while having fun with your peers. Pre-registration is required, as the tours typically sell out.

2. New Lighting Research

This track on Thursday, Oct. 5, will feature two presentations. In the first, “LED or HPS?” A.J. Both of Rutgers University will discuss whether LED or high-pressure sodium lighting might be best for your operation. In the second, a grower panel moderated by Theo Blom of the University of Guelph will feature two local innovators: Marco de Leonardis of Freeman Herbs in Beamsville, ON, and Lasse Schulze of Peace Naturals (Cronos Group) in Stayner, ON.

3. Leading Today’s Teams: Creating a Culture of Engaged Teams

In today’s workplace, driving change, strengthening culture, and developing engaged teams remains a primary focus and concern for most, if not all greenhouse operations. Your role as a manager, leader, and coach is critical to the success of your people, customer service, and business development focus. This workshop on Oct, 4, presented by Neil Thornton of Thornton Group, will give you proven resources and ideas that you can apply quickly and effectively in your organization.

4. Starting a Biocontrol Program for Cut Gerbera

Graeme Murphy of Biological Control Solutions in Welland, ON, will describe how to begin and maintain a biological control program in cut gerbera and will include discussion on crop characteristics relevant to biocontrol; pesticide residues; insect, mite, and disease issues; appropriate biocontrol agents; compatible pesticides; and environmental considerations.

5. Managing Water: A Grower’s Perspective on Irrigation Options

In most greenhouses today, irrigation decisions come down to a couple of clicks on the mouse or taps on the phone screen. Of course there are steps taken prior to that final click or tap, and these steps go as far back as the initial decision over what type of irrigation system to install. Join in the discussion led by Aron Hoff of Meyers Fruit Farms and Greenhouses (Hoff is Greenhouse Grower’s 2017 Head Grower of the Year) of what has and hasn’t worked well for Meyers with regards to irrigation systems, and, more importantly, how these irrigation systems can make life a little less stressful.

6. IPM Wars, Episode 1: The Foxglove Menace

Foxglove aphid (Aulacorthum solani) is one of the principal aphid pests of greenhouse ornamental crops in North America. Increasing pesticide resistance and limited availability of pesticides that are compatible with a biological control program have increased the importance of developing efficient biological control for this aphid. As part of a three-year research project on biocontrol of foxglove aphid, the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre has developed an IPM strategy to give a solution to growers for control of this aphid. The strategy, which involves the evaluation and improvement of existing and new biological control agents, biopesticides, and their integration with selected chemical pesticides, will be described by Michelangelo La Spina of Vineland.

More details on the Canadian Greenhouse Conference can be found here.