Gro ‘N Sell Quadruples Perennials Capacity

Gro ‘N Sell Quadruples Perennials Capacity

Perennial young plant specialist Gro ‘N Sell in Chalfont, Pa., has been able to dramatically expand production capacity through a partnership with Lucas Greenhouses in Monroeville, N.J.

Gro ‘N Sell markets its perennial liner under the Burly Family, comprised of three sizes–Big Burly, Burly Jr. and the new Little Jr. The Burly Jr. line is shifting form 50s to larger 72s.


“The Burly Family of perennials is now better sized for specific container needs while maintaining predictable quality and finishing for our grower customers in a compressed window,” says Gro ‘N Sell’s owner Dave Eastburn. “Combining our experience and expertise in perennials with increased production, simplified sizes, competitive price points and expanded varieties will further ensure our customers’ success.”

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