ForwardGro Receives Maryland’s First Cannabis Production Permit


The pictured plant is one of many that will be grown in ForwardGro’s state-of-the-art facility. The plant has a tag as required by Maryland law, which tracks seed to sale. The system tracks every stage of the plant’s life cycle, from the moment the plant is placed in the ground, to the point it is eventually sold to a Maryland patient.

The Maryland Cannabis Commission recently authorized ForwardGro to begin cultivating medical marijuana at its Anne Arundel Grow Facility. On May 17, the Commission voted in favor of awarding Maryland’s first full permit to grow marijuana for the state’s medical program. ForwardGro was awarded with a Stage 2 license, which was the final step from the Commission to begin cultivating plants. Once the dispensaries are approved in accordance with final inspections and regulations, ForwardGro will be able to sell its medication. The final approval of the state’s dispensaries is expected by mid to late summer of this year.


According to a report from Green Way Consults, the approval is a huge milestone for the Maryland Medical Marijuana Program. There have been numerous lawsuits by businesses that have failed to win licenses and were disappointed by the outcomes of the licensing process. However, with ForwardGro receiving approval, it appears evident that Maryland will be moving forward with its medical marijuana program.

ForwardGro won 1 of the 15 grow licenses in the state of Maryland. They were notified they had received their grow license in the end of 2016. Since then, the company has moved quickly to create one of the largest grow facilities on the East Coast.

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