10 Trends Predicted to Impact the Workplace in 2017

10 Trends Predicted to Impact the Workplace in 2017

Workplace TrendsIn “10 Workplace Trends You’ll See In 2017” on Forbes.com, contributor Dan Schawbel says the job market will continue to improve, resulting in more leverage for both those hunting for jobs and those looking to hire. Here are 10 more workplace trends Schawbel predicts for 2017 that may change the way you do business in the future.

1. Companies will focus on improving their candidate and employee experiences. Human Resource departments will focus more fully on employee retention and engagement to attract top talent.


2. The blended workforce will become more mainstream. Freelancers will team up more with full-time employees to work on projects together in 2017 as companies try to cut costs.

3. Annual performance reviews will evolve into reviews that are more continuous. Constant feedback that favors results and increases productivity will replace the annual performance review.

4. Millennials will meet Generation Z in the workplace. Millennials are settling in to the workplace and for the first time will work side-by-side with Generation Z workers.

5. Augmented and virtual reality will revolutionize recruiting and training. New technologies will close the experience gap for job seekers and allow companies to make training more accessible and engaging.

6. The war for talent will heat up as the employer and employee contract continues to evolve. Employers are recognizing that employees don’t stay at their jobs as long as they did in the past. This will again lead companies to focus more on the employee experience to retain workers.

7. Organizations will restructure to focus on team over individual performance. Organizational design will change to incorporate team efforts.

8. Workplace wellness and well-being will become critical employee benefits for attracting top talent. Companies will continue to use wellness programs to lower absenteeism, attract talent, and save on healthcare costs.

9. Companies will get creative with their employee benefit packages. Companies will offer benefits like workplace flexibility, student loan assistance, and more, to provide fair compensation.

10. Office attire and workplace culture will become more casual. With younger generations entering the workplace, formal office attire will take a backseat to a casual dress code.