Bloomtown Exposes Consumers To The World Of Horticulture

Bloomtown Exposes Consumers To The World Of Horticulture

Bloomtown_Screen Shot 2015-03-10A new web series called Bloomtown is all about the mud, sweat and tears of horticulture.

Filmed in St. Louis, Mo., it chronicles the world of horticulture using local flower growers, greenhouses, wholesalers, florists, consumers, retail shops and arborists. Its goal is to open consumers’ eyes to the world of horticulture around them. The 8 to 10 minute episodes feature real-life characters, from the growers and sellers, all the way to the end consumer.


The project is solely sponsored by Flopak, owned by Stephanie Winslow, but it is in need of other partners to join in. According to Winslow, they are currently in the process of reaching out to growers and industry organizations to ask for sponsorships. In return, sponsors would gain name recognition and the promotion of their brand in an episode, and would also have the opportunity to have an episode of Bloomtown filmed at their location with their team.

“We believe this is the engine that will help promote the industry to the end consumer so that the industry will be able to see sustainable, substantial growth, unlike the slow and flat growth we have seen over the past several years,” says Winslow.

To learn more about the project or watch the Bloomtown trailer, visit, or search for Bloomtown TV on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.