How To Market To Both Millennials And Boomers

How To Market To Both Millennials And Boomers

Uber provides value to consumers by making their lives betterWhile Millennials have become the all-important generation among many marketers due to the sheer size and buying power of this age group, we can’t forget about our current customers. Apparently there are some important parallels that can be drawn between Millennials and Boomers, which growers and retailers should focus on when targeting these customers.

According to Futurecast author Leah Swartz, five trends capture Millennials’ and Boomers’ influences on one another, and marketers hoping to reach both groups should adopt what’s called “The Millennial Mindset.”


1. “Millennials are tech testers, boomers are tech nesters”

Millennials are early adopters who test new technology, while Boomers adapt and use what has been validated and justified.

2. “Feed consumers snackable content”

In the age of social media, messages need to be communicated in 140 characters or less. Bite-sized blurbs are the most efficient way to share a brand story, even for Boomers, who say their favorite way to consume content is through photos.

3. “Embrace new schemas that drive utility”

Millennials and Boomers agree that they are more likely to have a favorable view of brands if they help them make their lives better. Think Uber and Airbnb.

4. “Value does not always mean dollars”

Whatever their age, consumers expect brands to align their marketing messages with their value sets and ultimately stand for more than their bottom lines. Brands that accomplish this will experience greater brand participation among their audiences and those that don’t will lose brand fans.

5. “Don’t just tell your story — live it.”

It’s no longer enough to deliver a clever marketing message. Consumers demand more from their favorite brands. The most inspired brands today are not just telling their story, but living it.

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