Kerry’s Nursery Faces Foreclosure

Kerry’s Nursery Faces Foreclosure

Kerry's Bromeliads

An all-too-familiar story of a nursery business going under is playing out again. The South Florida Business Journal is reporting that Kerry’s Nursery, a large grower of bromeliads and orchids in Apopka, Fla., is being served with a foreclosure lawsuit by the Florida Federal Land Bank Association. Founder and managing member Kerry Herndon is also named in the suit. Herndon was unavailable for comment for this story.


According to Brian Bandell, senior reporter for the South Florida Business Journal, the suit targets nearly 40 acres of land in Homestead, Fla., including two homes, and two parcels of land (53.7 and 36.4 acres) in Orange County, which include the nursery.

Kerry’s was founded in 1970 and is one of the largest orchid and bromeliad nurseries in the world. It was No. 21 on Greenhouse Grower’s 2012 Top 100 Growers list. The two facilities in southern and central Florida together comprise 2.8 million square feet of greenhouses that house 5 million orchids and 2 million bromeliads. Customers include Costco, Trader Joe’s, Publix, Home Depot, Krogers and Safeway.

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Ray says:

ouch, i hope this works out because of the many empoylees, that are there..many have been with him for alot of years…

Stan says:

Live by the sword (big box stores) die by the sword. Sad but just one more victim of PBS.

Jeff says:

Terrific product, well grown. A shame that the big box stores may have contributed to this situation. When a product is devalued and becomes a commodity then the grower may be doomed. The wholesale prices become dictated by the purchaser and may not reflect the actual costs to produce the product. It was a top notch operation.

Randall says:

Put his faith in the big box stores……Sorry for them, but did themsleves in via pay by scan. Its no good for anyone.

Tom Germano says:

Once you start "playing" with big boxes…you're done. Most of the top growers turned into thief's..ripping small US companies of propitiatory products and copy in China. Growers be aware of you suppliers like BFG….you will be next…

Michiel says:

A message like that gives me goosebumps, this can be any of us, when does this stop? Kerry is a very well known and respected grower, business man and writer, recently buying up other companies to secure/maintain a foothold I am sure. I always enjoyed his column and valued his opinion.

Steve says:

As long as the boxes dictate prices our industry is going to see more operations go out of business. When will the madness end and a reasonable return on our investment be reality? As long as the big boys fail to stand up and say enough is enough, everyone looses

ron says:

Que lastima..what a pity..He was one of the good guys

Thomas says:

Quality is King in the industry. Too bad that Kerry did not embrace clone Orchids and continued to grow seed Orchids. You can no longer sell one spike three bloom Orchids, the market is demanding higher quality

Chris Gilcrest says:

Moral of the story, large stores made millions of dollars usuing Pay per scan payment system, grower goes out of business. Another whore will dutifully line in Kerry's place for the box stores to bleed dry

Quentin says:

Not only was Kerry a grower, he was a visionary. He was a leader in bringing new products to the US, and was a class act in all regards. One never knows the whole story on these situations, but things have to be bad for this to occur.

Kimberley says:

I work cash and carry here at Kerry's on Keene Rd.. Just to let everyone know that we are still here and holding on.

M.I.S. says:

Kimberley – so glad you posted!! Know I've seen product in box stores, but you never know! Keep on growing – y'all are the best.