Mystery Orchids & The Sticky Flower

Mystery Orchids & The Sticky Flower

Mystery Orchid

What’s it going to take to get consumers to buy something that’s yet to flower? Perhaps the answer is to promote the flower color as a mystery.


That’s exactly the concept Lommerse & Schrama developed and showcased at IPM Essen in Germany last week. Based on the concept the company developed, orchids could flower into any one of a number of different colors. Consumers can expect their flowers to appear in between six to eight weeks. At least U.S. grower reportedly had a conversation at last week’s trade show about pushing Mystery Orchids into the United States.

A second concept Lommerse & Schrama developed for IPM Essen is Sticky Flower. A variety of 2-inch plants were on display with attractive black pot wraps. The pot wraps each sport a thin plastic band with a suction cup-like adhesive on the back that allows consumers to hang their Sticky Flowers to appropriate surfaces.

Sticky Flower would be ideal at retail checkouts as impulse items.

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