Spring 2013 Garden Commercials From National Brands: New Gardener Success Is The Message

Spring 2013 Garden Commercials From National Brands: New Gardener Success Is The Message

The new crop of spring gardening and home renovation commercials is out. What messages are national brands like Miracle Gro and box stores like Lowe’s taking out to the public? It’s all about the inexperienced, those consumers who think they have black thumbs, and how these stores and products can introduce gardening to the uninitiated and help them have success.

Here’s a look into their 2013 ads. 


MiracleGro’s Growing With Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix

“The only thing we’d ever grown together was our record collection. No, there was that fuzzy stuff on the gouda.” Those are the first few lines spoken by the two beginner gardeners in this entertaining commercial, reflecting the experience level many new gardeners have.

“How much is too much water? Too little?” Sound familiar? MiracleGro’s message is that even new gardeners can have success using its product. 

Lowe’s “Neighborhood” Commercial

This commercial shows a whole, shabby neighborhood sprucing up through small garden projects (such as a single pot in a window box, instead of huge garden beds bursting with color), all starting with a new family who moves into the neighborhood.  

“The funny thing about improvement: once you get started, it just never stops,” says the voiceover. Another version of the commercial uses the word “contagious.” Viewers hear the lyrics, “This is gonna be the best day of my life.”

The Home Depot’s “The First House”

In Home Depot’s ad, an associate brings first-time homeowners into the store to get them ready for their first spring. The couple doesn’t even own a lawn mower, but Home Depot can help these newbies get their garden growing for spring. The couple gets their home into shape in a flurry of pavers, trimmers, a new lawnmower and a few container plants on the front porch.

“Not bad for our first spring,” the couple concludes at the end of the commercial.