Two New Plant Marketing Concepts From Spring Trials 2013

Two New Plant Marketing Concepts From Spring Trials 2013

Master Tag's People's Choice tag and pot

Two new marketing concepts presented at Spring Trials this year are designed not just to attract customers’ attention, but to make them more comfortable with the plants they ultimately choose.


The People’s Choice POP concept introduced this year by MasterTag allows growers and retailers to highlight award-winning plants to 1) make consumers aware that these plants have been recognized for excellence by experts and 2) inspire confidence in consumers. If they know these plants have been “vetted” by experts, they will feel more comfortable purchasing them.

The People’s Choice Program can be purchased at various levels: standard black pots with tags and bench tape; colored pots; and pots printed with cultural information, posters and display cards.

PanAmerican Seed’s Think Outside the Pack marketing promotion allows consumers to create container combinations on the spot, choosing from individual components of premium seed-grown plants. To illustrate the concept, the PanAm team built a pedestal that allowed users to insert plants and experiment with various combinations. While it’s not part of the program, the pedestal created a lot of buzz among Spring Trials visitors and could be a great do-it-yourself marketing tool for grower-retailers.