Micandy Gardens Greenhouses is a Finalist for the 2017 Operation of the Year Award

Micandy Gardens Greenhouses is a Finalist for the 2017 Operation of the Year Award

Micandy Gardens Team PhotoIf you ask Marcelyn Buist-Byl, President of Micandy Gardens Greenhouses (winner of the 2017 Excellence in Team Empowerment Award) in Hudsonville, MI, what’s most important when it comes to employee relations, she’ll often use the word enrichment.

“We want to make sure our employees have enriching lives both professionally and personally,” she says. “We encourage whatever helps them to enrich their lives and make it part of their work.”


Marcelyn, along with her parents Micki and Andy Buist, believe in the people at Micandy Gardens and allow them to make decisions for the betterment of the company and area they are responsible for.

“We give them responsibilities so they are able to make decisions within their area,” Marcelyn says. “We also allow for mistakes, so there doesn’t need to be a fear of not getting it right the first time.”

Because of this approach, each team member strives to be better not only in the job they’re doing, but in how they treat each other.

“We have internal teams that meet on occasion to make sure the workload is dispersed efficiently among the team,” Marcelyn says. “We’ve also had personal and business consultants come in and meet with us so we know we’re all working toward the same goal together. It gives us a greater purpose when we’re doing some of the mundane daily tasks at the greenhouse.”

Micandy also encourages its team members to keep up with the latest trends, whether it’s through reading online articles and print magazines, attending webinars, or going to events like Cultivate.

“We use events like Cultivate to help our team wrap up the spring season, talk with colleagues, and get energized for the next season,” Marcelyn says.

The Operation of the Year award winner will be announced during Greenhouse Grower’s Evening of Excellence at Cultivate’17.