Mucci Farms Completes First Phase of its New Ohio Tomato Greenhouse

Mucci-FarmsMucci Farms recently completed the first 24-acre phase of greenhouse expansion in Huron, OH, with harvest set to begin in May.

The new facility, the company’s first expansion outside of Canada, is equipped with high-pressure sodium grow lights, making it important to choose a product that sees high demand during the winter months. Tomatoes on the vine (TOVs) will be grown in Huron year-round, and a 70,000 square foot warehouse has been built on site for packing and distribution.


“A majority of our product is currently sold in the U.S., so proximity to market was an important decision-making factor,” says Joe Spano of Mucci Farms. “Having a U.S. location also helps us reduce travel miles, save travel time by being able to avoid a border crossing, as well as accommodating consumers that prefer locally grown product.”

From a farming standpoint, it is ideal as the geographic location is right across from Kingsville, Ontario, Canada, on the opposite side of Lake Erie.

“The weather patterns and growing conditions are almost identical, preventing us from having to learn alternative processes,” Spano says.

By 2020, construction of phase two and three should be finalized, covering a total of 60 acres under grow lights.

“Phase two and three will also be heavily dominated by TOV’s, but we may grow a small amount of specialty tomatoes, as well,” Spano says.