GrowIt! App Now Offers a Listing of Independent Garden Centers

GrowIt! App Now Offers a Listing of Independent Garden Centers

GrowIt Garden Center ProfileThe team behind GrowIt!, the app designed to help connect consumers with plants, has launched a new platform that allows independent garden centers to sign up to be a “Garden Shop” listed in the app. The purpose is to help new gardeners and community members find garden centers in their specific areas. It’s a way for garden centers to become more visible to people in their area. Retailers can also post pictures of items they currently have in stock to spur more traffic on the platform and to their locations.

“From the beginning, GrowIt! has always had a mission to help the horticultural industry by cultivating new gardeners and inspiring more people to grow plants,” says Mason Day, who co-founded GrowIt! with Seth Reed. Over the past two years, GrowIt! has done just that, Mason says, with more than 250,000 community members (half of whom are under the age of 35).


After compiling the needs of community members last fall, the GrowIt! team found members were looking for something more. They loved how much plant information they could find on the app, but they wanted to know where to buy those plants they were seeing. This led to the development of the Garden Shop program.

Garden Shop is currently limited to independent garden centers, nurseries, and retail greenhouses. If a business has an interest in taking part in the program, they should go to