Rambo Nursery Is A 2012 Operation Of The Year Finalist

Rambo Nursery Is A 2012 Operation Of The Year Finalist

Rambo Nursery

Rambo Nursery is a wholesale nursery specializing in annuals. Founded in 1983 by Sam Rambo, it started as a mere 150 sq. ft. greenhouse on property in Acworth, Ga., with a revamped bread truck delivering plants. Today the business has grown to more than 900,000 sq. feet of heated greenhouses with 40 acres of outside production. It serves 54 Home Depot garden destinations in two Southern states.


Owner Sam Rambo is at his best when researching new ways to innovate and find underserved segments of the market. He incorprated Ellepots into Rambo’s prodution as a way to improve cutting quality. Groundcovers were recently added to the production mix to fill a variety void in the current regional market. The operation is constantly trialing new introductions, both annual and perennial, in order to give customers what they want and what they need.

Rambo employs qualified merchandisers in all of its Home Depot garden destinations. These merchandisers monitor the quantity and quality of the annuals, trees and shrubs that are unloaded from the operation’s trucks and ensure that same quality is available to consumers when it is sold. Sam will often be seen wandering Home Depot stores during their busiest times, checking the shopping carts to see what people are interested in.