Online Only: Top 100 Growers Survey Responses

Online Only: Top 100 Growers Survey Responses

What is the number one force affecting your business right now?
Competition  7.4%
The Economy  59.3%
Energy Costs  11.1%
Labor   3.7%
Weather  18.5%

Which, if any, of the following products/systems do you use? Please check all that apply.
Alternative energy  10.7%  
Bench and/or floor heating 96.4%
Double layer glazing  64.3%
Energy curtains   75.0%
Solar panels   0
Windbreaks   10.7%
Wind turbines   0


Have you seen a return on investment on those products/systems?
Yes      92.9%
No, but I expect to within the next five years 3.6%
No, and I don’t expect an ROI   3.6%

Which alternative fuel sources are you using? Please check all that apply.
Corn 0
Grass 0
Manure 0
Wood 12%
None 88%

Have you been affected by labor shortages?
Yes    24.1%
No    69.0%
No, but I expect we will be soon 6.9%

If so, how have you adapted production? Please check all that apply.
More automation  53.3%
Cut back production  0
Labor placement services 20.0%
Increase wages   26.7%
We just work harder  26.7%
Implement lean production 66.7%
Extended hours   33.3%

Which of the following improves your bottom line the most?
Bar codes/RFID   0  
Carts and racks   24.0%
Equipment   20.0%
Lean manufacturing practices 44.0%
Real-time inventory capabilities 8.0%
Robotics/automation  4.0%

Where have you seen growth in the last year? Please check all that apply.
Current customers  46.2%
New customers   53.8%
Mass merchandiser chains 19.2%
Home improvement stores 19.2%
Supermarket chains  15.4%
Independent garden centers 23.1%
Your own retail store  3.8%
None, the market has been flat 26.9%

Where do you see opportunities for growth? Please check all that apply.
Current customers  57.7%
New customers   69.2%
Mass merchandiser chains 30.8% 
Home improvement stores 26.9%
Supermarket chains  19.2%
Independent garden centers 19.2%
Your own retail store  11.5%
None, there are no opportunities 3.8%

How has your relationship with grower-customers changed in the last five years?
Now sell to growers exclusively  0
Sell to more growers now  26.9%
Sell to fewer growers now  15.4%
No longer sell to growers  0
The relationship has not changed 57.7%

If you are working with other growers, what kinds of things are you doing?
Contract growing 76.5%
Hiring contract growers 58.8%
Working with a co-op 11.8%

How has industry consolidation affected your company in the past year?
It has made us stronger  65.4%
It has made us weaker   0
It has not had an impact on us 4.6%

Have you bought or sold outside companies and/or facilities in the last year?
Bought  7.1%
Sold  0
Bought and sold 3.6%
None of the above 89.3%