Walnut Springs Nursery, Inc.

Walnut Springs Nursery, Inc.

City: Glenwood, Md.

Owner: J. Alvin Smith and Family


Website: walnutsprings.com

Environmentally controlled square footage: 359,888

Shade house square footage: 0

Field production square footage: 199,580

Number of offshore facilities: 0

Percentage of production space under permanent environmentally controlled structure devoted to each crop:

Ornamental bedding plants 99% 
Container perennials  >1%
Vegetables   >1%
Herbs  >1%

Which stores do you serve? Ace Hardware, independent garden centers

Do you have any comments about immigration reform or the effectiveness of guest-worker programs?
The government has to address the key issues of immigration. First, enact a new policy that allows longtime workers to gain legal status. Develop policy to allow workers to come to America and either gain legal status or temporary status. Enforce borders once a new policy has been established for legitimate immigration procedures.