Tornado Yields Minimal Damage at Greenleaf Nursery

Tornado Yields Minimal Damage at Greenleaf Nursery

Greenleaf Nursery Tornado Damage

Photo courtesy of Greenleaf Nursery

A tornado that touched down in eastern Oklahoma Friday night resulted in slight but easily repairable damage at Greenleaf Nursery Co.’s Oklahoma division.


“Our Park Hill location was brushed with an F2 tornado,” says Eric Clark, Brand/Business Development Manager at Greenleaf Nursery. “No offices or warehouses were affected, but the Eastern side of our nursery, which is on the lake, experienced some minor damage, specifically some shade structures.”

Clark emphasizes that plant material had minimal damage.

“It’s nothing we can’t fix very easily,” Clark says. “We were very fortunate it wasn’t any worse, and the small section of the farm that received damage will be back to normal this week.”

Clark says things could indeed have been a lot worse if the tornado had tracked 1,000 yards west.

“We are lucky and fortunate that our customers won’t be affected,” Clark says.

John Schreiter of Milford, NE-based Crop Insurance Solutions, says these situations are when crop insurance is critical.

“Plant freezing is covered in such an incident,” he says.