Save Labor by Filling Planting Trays Faster and Cleaner

Ellepot designed its new Tray Filler for smaller, up-and-coming growing operations that already own Ellepot machinery, and for new customers looking for an economical way to remain efficient during production, despite limited labor. The  tray filler makes the step from the manual filling of ellepots to automatic painless, easy, and at a low cost to ensure a quick return on investment. With the capacity to fill up to 9,000 pots per hour, the Tray Filler automatically inserts and fills propagation trays, saving labor from one to two persons in the process.

Growers can use a color touch interface to program the machine for the tray size they want. The machine works by pushing a core of soil, encircled with biodegradable Ellepot propagation paper, through a trench. Knives cut the soil core into sections that are the exact size needed for the tray. The machine then picks up the soil sections and inserts them into the tray. The process creates cleaner trays with less excess soil to clean off afterward.


On top of the tray filler, Blackmore has developed an integrated, universal seeder for the Ellepot automatic machines. This enables the grower to sow up to 20 seeds per cell at the same pace as the Ellepot machine puts the trays out. You can also add drilling and top coating to the universal seeder.

Ellepot designed the TF1 Tray Filler for single-pipe production lines, but it has plans to launch a TF2 model soon that will be able to insert and fill pots from double production lines like the H-112 machine can.


• High value at low cost
• High capacity, can fill up to 9,000 pots per hour
• User-friendly color touch interface
• Remote service support via LAN connection
• Customized for pots and trays (one pot and one tray)
• Clean tray (limited with soil in the tray after filling)
• Extra features include driller, dibbler, irrigation units, and tray handlers to create a fully
automatic setup
• Easy to connect and operate

Grower Benefits

• Saves on costs with automation
• Increases efficiency and productivity
• Frees up human labor for other tasks
• Links easily with other Ellepot machines
• Improves production uniformity and consistency


• Pot height up to 70 mm
• 20 mm to 50 mm diameter
• Up to 9,000 pots per hour


Machines are prepared for LAN Connection for Remote HMI Support from the Ellepot service department. This allows specially trained technicians from the Ellepot service center to assist growers better, preventing downtimes and keeping production running smoothly. To see the Ellepot Tray Filler in action, visit