Bayer Production Ornamentals Hits The Market With 17 Products And More Coming

Bayer Production Ornamentals Hits The Market With 17 Products And More Coming

John Wendorf Bayer Ornamentals

John Wendorf, Bayer Ornamentals

November 1 officially marks the launch of the Bayer Production Ornamentals business, serving professional growers in greenhouses and nurseries across the U.S. Its comprehensive portfolio of innovative product solutions and support includes product and pest management expertise and a team of technical specialists.


“Bayer will bring to production ornamentals the things that we pride ourselves on in the turf market – from dependable sales and technical support to comprehensive pest management programs that help growers expand their businesses,” says John Wendorf, U.S. Ornamental Business Manager for Bayer. “We look to working with a strong group of suppliers and engaging daily with the growers who make this market so vibrant. Together, we know we’ll grow something beautiful.”

Bayer’s shift into the ornamentals market marks a new commitment from Bayer to more fully serve professional growers in greenhouses, nurseries, and garden centers. Key offerings in its arsenal of active ingredients include Marengo herbicide and Savate miticide.

Bayer Partners With 12 Distributors

The initial distribution plan for the new ornamentals business will give greenhouses and nurseries in all 50 states access to innovations from Bayer.

“We look forward to working with an outstanding group of suppliers,” Wendorf says. “These distributors are dedicated to the success of their customers in the ornamentals market. The fact that they reach growers across the entire U.S. will ensure growers have full access to the Bayer portfolio of solutions.”

The 12 distributors that will distribute Bayer Ornamental products are: BFG Supply Company; BWI Companies, Inc.; Crop Production Services (CPS); Griffin Greenhouse Supply; Harrell’s; Hawaii Grower Products, Inc.; Helena Chemical Company; Nursery Connection; Southern Ag; Target Specialty Products; Wilbur-Ellis; and WinField.

“In looking to establish relationships for the launch of the Bayer ornamentals business, we chose distributors that we believe reflect our commitment to the ornamental market,” Wendorf says. “Bayer is focused on innovation and the future of the ornamentals industry. We’re on the cusp of some really important, game-changing innovation, and it makes sense for us to work with these distributors to steward that innovation into the market.”

Visit the website for Crop Science, a division of Bayer to learn about the availability and use of products available to the ornamentals market, and follow on Twitter @BayerOrnamental.