Becker Underwood Launches Nematode News Blog

Becker Underwood Launches Nematode News Blog

Becker Underwood, a global producer of beneficial nematodes, has launched a beneficial nematodes blog, Nematode News. The blog is a resource for the commercial grower community, providing the latest information about beneficial nematodes, ongoing research and application tips from the industry’s leading horticulture researchers and respected growers.

“As the global leader and producer of beneficial nematodes, Becker Underwood is pleased to host this new online forum for horticulture professionals who want to share ideas with respected peers and learn from recognized research experts,” says Joe Lara, horticultural specialties product manager at Becker Underwood. “More growers are choosing beneficial nematodes as an effective option for sustainable pest control, and Becker Underwood continues to lead the industry in research and development of these products.”


Becker Underwood’s Nematode News blog,, establishes an easy-to-use forum for two-way communication between the grower community and beneficial nematode experts, facilitating the exchange of ideas and current research.

“We’re excited to host a community where growers can connect, share experiences, and hear the latest news and research about beneficial nematodes,” Lara says. “Becker Underwood prides itself on serving as an expert in the industry and the Nematode News blog is one way we can have a conversation with our customers.”