Harrell’s SprayMax Line

Harrell’s SprayMax Line

Harrell's SprayMax Line

Two products ornamental managers use regularly to improve ornamental sprays are pH buffers and fungicide activators, which Harrell’s has included as part of its SprayMAX line. High pH of tank mixes increases the chance for alkaline hydrolysis, a process in which some insecticides and herbicides decompose or split, reducing the efficacy of their applications.


“Research shows you can reduce, even eliminate, alkaline hydrolysis and enhance herbicide and insecticide activity by buffering tank solution pH,” says Raymond Snyder, Harrell’s research and development manager. “You can also manage water hardness with Harrell’s Herbicide Activator.”

To see the full line of Harrell’s SprayMAX products line visit http://harrells.com/focus/spraymax/