UMASS Fertilizer Trials Recommend Nature’s Source Organic Plant Food 3-1-1

NSOrganicPlantFood3-1-1_hiresIn a recent online fact-sheet at its Extension website, the UMass Amherst Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment lists Nature’s Source Organic Plant Food 3-1-1 as “the best liquid organic fertilizer,” according to Dr. Douglas Cox, Stockbridge School of Agriculture. It is called-out by the Extension after a number of years of studying the use of organic fertilizers for growing commercial greenhouse crops. The trials evaluated traditional water soluble and granular slow-release chemical fertilizers.

Dr. Cox recommends Nature’s Source Organic Plant Food 3-1-1 as a liquid fertilizer that is readily available, cost effective, OMRI-listed and with good label directions for greenhouses. He also mentions the ease-of-use in how it mixes well with water and can pass fertilizer injectors.


“Nature’s Source is currently the best liquid organic fertilizer,” Cox wrote in his article “Organic Fertilizers – Thoughts on Using Liquid Organic Fertilizers for Greenhouse Plants,” “I have seen no foliar chlorosis yet with this fertilizer. Nature’s source is widely available and a great improvement over its predecessor Pinnacle.”

Nature’s Source Organic Plant Food 3-1-1 contains oilseed extract with Boost Molecules (amino acids). It is also pathogen-free and GMO-free and can be used as a foliar mist without worrying about burning or stretching. It is available in several sizes, as well as packaged for retail sales.

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