Grow-Tech Patents Plug Designed for Tissue Culture

Grow-Tech Patents Plug Designed for Tissue Culture

zenplug-with-orchid-from-grow-techGrow-Tech recently announced it has patented the ZenPlug for tissue culture (orchids) and difficult-to- root cuttings. The plug is one of several products by Grow-Tech that seeks to solve grower challenges by increasing efficiency and propagation rates. Patent holder and CEO, Edwin Dijkshoorn, who grew up in the greenhouse culture of Holland, says the development of the ZenPlug embodies the Dutch drive for efficiency in greenhouse production.

“The horticultural industry is rapidly changing as a result of many recent technological advances,” Dijkshoorn says. “Grow-Tech listens closely to its customer base and is constantly innovating to meet new demands.”


In the last two years, Grow-Tech has brought three new products into the market: the ZenPlug and two bio-based growing mats called BioStrate and PUREgrown hemp-felt. The latter is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute for use in certified organic systems.

The introduction of the ZenPlug promises to provide a great growing season for tissue culture and orchid growers, Dijkshoorn says.