New Piccolo Plant Growth Regulator 10 Times Stronger Than Original

New Piccolo Plant Growth Regulator 10 Times Stronger Than Original

New Piccolo PGR 10 Times Stronger Than Original

Fine Americas has launched Piccolo 10 XC plant growth regulator for use on bedding plants.

Featuring a 4.0 percent concentration of paclobutrazol, the new Piccolo 10 XC is 10 times stronger than current 0.4 percent formulations of the popular plant growth regulator.


“We believe new Piccolo 10 XC is a significant improvement over current paclobutrazol formulations,” says Greg Johnson, Fine Americas president. “Since it comes in a true solution instead of a suspension, Piccolo 10 XC overcomes the potential settling problems associated with older paclobutrazol products.”

From a grower’s perspective, that means there is no need to shake the container prior to use in order to ensure uniform distribution of the active ingredient. In addition, Johnson says the formulation translates to fewer plastic containers, lower shipping costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

“One quart of new Piccolo 10 XC equals 2.5 gallons of our standard Piccolo formulation, making storage, handling and mixing more convenient than ever” says Kevin Forney, Fine Americas technical service manager.

University greenhouse trials on bedding plants have shown similar efficacies with Piccolo 10 XC, Piccolo and Bonzi. As with older paclobutrazol formulations, new Piccolo 10 XC can be used as either a drench or spray to produce more compact and marketable plants. Piccolo 10 XC will continue to be evaluated on other plant species.

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