Eco-Friendly Pot From Jiffy Is Automation Ready

Eco-Friendly Pot From Jiffy Is Automation Ready

New Jiffy CarbonLite containers use less energy to manufacture than other common and bio-based solutions. The new container uses a biobased manufacturing technology made primarily from plant starches.


“Being produced with significantly less energy and almost zero petroleum-based inputs results in reduced reliance on foreign oil while improving your company’s carbon footprint and green image,” says Rick Friedrich, Jiffy’s General Manager for North America. “Jiffy CarbonLite products are clean, green and affordable.”

Jiffy is targeting growers and retailers who want custom and exclusive containers, Friedrich says. Certified as Vincotte Ok Biobased and recycable, Jiffy CarbonLite products are suitable for 4-color printing and will fit most automated production systems.

“Our company culture at Jiffy has always been to reduce the use of plastic pots, with our coir and peat pots we help reduce plastic pots use by millions of units every day,” comments Roelof Drost , Global Director of Marketing. “A thousand Jiffy CarbonLite pots will provide over 38 lbs. of carbon benefit, the same as removing almost 1.5 cars off the road per day!”

To learn more, contact Jiffy at 1-800-323-1047 or email [email protected].