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Pentas Graffiti® 20/20

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Pentas are a staple in Southern greenhouses because of their extreme heat tolerance even when nighttime temperatures are balmy. But Northern growers can sometimes find the crop to be a little more challenging due to their limited growing season. The breeders at Benary took this as a challenge and have bred a new series that works well for all growers. The Graffiti® 20/20 Series has a one week shorter crop time than Graffiti® OG (Original Genetics), making it the earliest series on the market! The total crop time is 14 -17 weeks depending on finished container used. You should expect to finish a 4” pot from a 288 in 8-9 weeks. Although Pentas are a day-length neutral plant, they are very responsive to irradiance. Providing additional lighting and a 14-16 hr. day length will shorten the crop significantly.

The Graffiti® 20/20 Series was bred to have outstanding germination and pack performance. You will notice better plug vigor and uniformity in flowering throughout the whole series, with only a 5 day window between all 9 colors. We even made sure that the habit of the white is a little more vigorous than most whites so that it fits better with the rest of the series.

But if color is what you want, the Graffiti® 20/20 Series delivers. With color names like Ultra Violet; Lazer Pink and Vivid Red, you get the idea. Here is the Graffiti® 20/20 color lineup:

  • Flirty Pink- The first bi-colored Pentas from seed! An amazing bi-color of light pink margins with a rose center to each petal.
  • True Pink- No “blush” or “soft pink” here. This is a rich non-fading pink that can stand up to the hottest temperatures
  • Fuchsia- A rich rose that looks great with Flirty Pink and Ultra Violet
  • Lavender Pink- A rich orchid color with a slight eye
  • Ultra Violet- A richer, deeper color than Lavender Pink with more blue tones
  • Ruby- A beautiful rich rose color that is much deeper than Fuchsia
  • Lazer Pink- Our brightest rose yet. A real show stopper!
  • Vivid Red- A rich, true red with striking white anthers
  • White- A clean white with wide petals for a full, lush look at retail

Pentas Graffiti® 20/20 Series is extremely versatile. It can be used alone or together with other heat tolerant plants in mixed containers. The series has outstanding outdoor performance so it can be used in landscapes for “60 mile per hour color”, or even as a colorful gift plant for a sunny location indoors. Be sure to take a look at Pentas Graffiti® 20/20. The difference is perfectly clear, it’s 20/20.

The Pentas Graffiti® 20/20 Series is a new introduction by Benary. Seed is available now.

To order seed, contact your favorite broker; Benary Sales Rep or order direct from our warehouse by visiting
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