15 LED Lighting Solutions For Your Greenhouse

15 LED Lighting Solutions For Your Greenhouse

There is no shortage of LED lighting options on the market. Narrowing in on the right product often comes down to considering your specific crop needs and growing requirements to see what works best for your application. Here are 15 LED products to take into account when choosing the right fit for your greenhouse.


COB 700 (NewLux)

Through innovation, extensive research, and testing, Parus and NewLux have developed an effective system that uses both active and water-cooling technology. The COB 700 allows for a higher output and greater efficiency, while using less energy.

E60 LED Grow Light (Heliospectra)

Designed to replace a 1,000-Watt HPS, the new E60 is developed together with some of the world’s leading growers. Designed to minimize shading in the greenhouse, this static, 600-Watt LED fixture comes with high-quality diodes and double optics, ensuring growers have high intensity, quality light all year round.

LED 2 Bar Swivel (NewLux)

The LED 2 Bar Swivel has 80, high-output, color-blended LEDs per fixture that are mounted on two, easy to adjust, locking light bars that deliver high PAR values with low energy consumption.

LED Flowering Lamp (Philips)

Philips LED Flowering Lamp is an energy-efficient greenhouse lighting alternative to incandescent or HPS fixtures for day length extension. The Flowering Lamp can reduce energy costs by up to 80 percent over traditional incandescent lamps. It is ideal for photoperiod-sensitive plants.

LED-9630 Grow Light 150 Watt Fixture (SimuLight)

The 150-watt LED-9630 Grow Light Fixture provides a full spectrum of light with red, white, and blue LEDs. Cree-manufactured LEDs and a MeanWell driver ensure that it has a long life span. The fixture can be used in a wide variety of applications and environments. Two versions are available: 120 to 277 VAC input or 200 to 408 VAC input.

LED Interlighting (Philips)

Bi-directional LED interlighting is placed below the canopy of tall plants including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and roses. The light is targeted and contained to stimulate plant growth and maximize potential and efficiency. It can be used in combination with Philips LED toplighting, flowering lamps, or HID lamps.

LED Light Bars (NewLux)

LED Light Bars with extruded-aluminum heat sinks are built around proven LEDs, using light recipes for growing applications worldwide. NewLux LED light bars are setting new standards with high PAR value delivery, proven light recipes, and energy efficiency. Standard kits and custom solutions are available.

LED Toplighting (Philips)

As an energy-efficient replacement for HID and HPS lighting, Philips LED Toplighting is available in multiple spectral versions optimized to support plant growth and development. The light spectrum of LED toplighting supports an earlier and increased percentage of flowering, more compact plugs, better root development, and it may reduce the need for plant growth regulators.

LumiBar (LumiGrow)

The 200-Watt adjustable-spectra LumiBar provides reliable illumination for multilayer crop production, plant research and environmental growth chambers. A direct replacement for the limited light spectra of fluorescent fixtures, this 4-foot passively cooled fixture radiates more blue and all the red missing from T5, T8 and T12 bulbs. Wireless software control over lighting zones, spectral output and intensity empowers growers to improve crop quality and growth rates. Rebate eligible.

LX601 LED Grow Light (Heliospectra)

The LX601 Grow Light  lighting applications for controlled-environment agriculture, commercial horticulture and research greenhouses. With a two-tiered optics, the LX601 is ideal for up-close plant lighting because it maintains a wide, uniform light distribution. The light also features individually adjustable wavelengths, a removable duct flange, and a heat dissipation solution. It can be software controlled via Wi-Fi.

LX602 LED Grow Light (Heliospectra)

The LX602 is an advanced LED grow light for horticulture crop production. A fully adjustable, software-based light spectrum allows growers to adapt the light to their crop and set light recipes. Double optics ensure a wide distribution pattern while the design minimizes shading, making it ideal for greenhouses.

powerPAR Greenhouse LED Fixture (PARsource)

The powerPAR Greenhouse LED Fixture is powered by Illumitex technology and is available in three power variations, (185W, 390W, and 530W). It has a patented Digital Distribution optical technology that ensures that 65% of light emitted is contained within the 50° beam angle, and it has a high delivering spectrum for both vegetative and flowering stages.

powerPAR LED Bulbs (PARsource)

PARsource’s powerPAR LED bulbs deliver directly targeted, spectrum-specific light. The bulbs can be placed in standard incandescent sockets, and they work well for germination chambers, indoor growing, low-hanging applications, and supplementary spectrum enhancement. The basic coverage is a one square foot area at 18 to 24 inches above the crop.

Pro 325 LED Fixture (LumiGrow)

The Pro 325 fixture is engineered for commercial greenhouses, research applications and CEA environments. Developed in conjunction with top agriscience institutions, the fixture¹s adjustable spectra and wireless software-based control system enable growers and researchers to control multiple lighting zones with custom light programs. Standard and high voltage options available. Rebate eligible.

Pro 650 LED Fixture (LumiGrow)

The powerful Pro 650 fixture is deployed in greenhouse and cultivation facilities across 98 degrees of latitude. Take advantage of its adjustable spectra and white-only mode through the use of its wireless, software-based control system. The software provides control over zones, spectral output and intensity as well as maintenance alerts. Standard and high voltage options available. Rebate eligible.

T8 Retrofit Grow Light (SimuLight)

LED T8 retrofits are 4-feet long and can replace a standard tube. They run on 120 to 277 VAC, single-end power. The T8 Retrofit has a full spectrum including red, white, and blue LEDs. The fixture is cool running, so it can be mounted close to plants.

TotalGrow Broad Grow Spectrum Light Bulb (Venntis)

Broad Grow Spectrum Light Bulbs are effective, long-lasting, safe lights that screw into any standard socket and have a full spectrum for uniform, high-quality light.

TotalGrow Broad Grow Spectrum Light Fixture (Venntis)

The Broad Grow Spectrum Light Fixture works well for greenhouse or indoor growing of virtually any plant at any life stage. It features a full spectrum and uniform light in the wavelengths plants need most for quick and healthy growth.

TotalGrow Night & Day Management Light (Venntis)

The Night & Day Management Light  is an efficient solution for simulating long days to control the timing of flowering. Each LED bulb covers approximately 100 square feet while cutting electricity costs by up to 90%, which eliminates maintenance and improves plant quality.