4 Lighting Products For Your Operation

4 Lighting Products For Your Operation

These new lighting products have been developed for maximum energy efficiency in greenhouse production.

The powerPAR Greenhouse LED fixture from PARsource features scientifically developed horticultural growth spectra and proprietary, patented optics, which ensure that nearly every watt of energy is used for optimum plant growth. The new 315W ceramic metal halide (CMH) from Welthink Electronic Co. is a newly developed lighting product that saves on energy consumption, cutting your utility bill by 37 percent more than HPS grow lighting. The LED-8032  from SimuLight is a 150-watt retrofit LED grow light that can replace up to a 400 watt HID light, while the TotalGrow lights from Venntis uses Solid State Volumetric Lighting (SSVL) technology to use as little energy as possible.


Check out the slideshow to see which products are right for your operation.


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