Online Only: Earth-Friendly Pots

Online Only: Earth-Friendly Pots

OP47 Bio Pot

Ball Horticultural Company and Summit Plastic Company have teamed up to offer the OP47 Bio Pot. Made from 100 percent renewable resources, it is completely biodegradable and compostable. Manufactured in Akron, Ohio, the pot is available in 4-inch and 6-inch sizes, fits existing automation equipment and handles, ships and stores like standard thermoform pots. Summit also produces PLA (polyactic acid) trays to fit both pot sizes. PLA is a sustainable material made from corn starch, but with the look and feel of plastic.


Rice Hull NetPot

Ball Horticultural Company and Summit Plastic have announced a new size of the Rice Hull NetPot. The 6-inch Rice Hull NetPot is made of renewable resources from sustainable plant fibers that degrade in soil over time. Summit produces PLA filling trays to fit the 6-inch Rick Hull NetPot. All three sizes are manufactured in Akron, Ohio.


Biopots, available through Bellan International, are made from fibrous waste of renewable and sustainable crops, such as bamboo fiber, straw and rice husks and formed by a hot press method using a combination of high temperature and pressure. The binder is a synthetic and natural compound. Biopots contain no wood or petroleum and are biodegradable.

DOT Pots

DOT Pots, available from Bethel Organics, are created using only two natural ingredients, 80 percent wood fiber and 20 percent peat moss and nothing else. DOT Pots are completely permeable to air and water, which means more root tips and better root structure.

Western Pulp Products

Western’s new Molded Fiber Retail Plug Carriers for 65 and 70mm plugs (such as Ellepots or Fertiss) is an exciting new sustainable product line. The Molded Fiber Retail Plug Carriers contain minimum 88 percent pre-consumer recycled paper content (dry weight basis). Economical and lightweight, growers simply load the mature plugs into the carrier and go to market.