Virtual Grower Now Available En Espaňol

Virtual Grower Now Available En Espaňol

The USDA-ARS Virtual Grower program is now available in Spanish as Virtual Grower 2.5 en Español. It can be downloaded for free at

The software program is a decision support tool for greenhouse growers and those interested in building a greenhouse. Users can build a virtual greenhouse in the comfort of their home or office with a variety of glazing materials, heating setups, fuel types, supplemental lighting and energy curtains.


The program enables the user to schedule temperature set points throughout the year and predict heating costs for more than 230 sites within the United States. Different heating and scheduling scenarios can be predicted with a few inputs. The program can estimate fuel costs and plant growth for a production season or crop.

Virtual Grower is continually being updated with information generated by the USDA-ARS and universities across the U.S. The Spanish version can be installed alongside the existing English Virtual Grower installation on your computer without interference.

The translation of the program was a team effort by Ariana Torres and Roberto Lopez at Purdue University, Claudio Pasian and Luis Cañas at Ohio State University and Lidia Rodriguez at the University of Toledo.