Greenhouse Bench Systems Designed to Handle Any Space

Greenhouse Bench Systems Designed to Handle Any Space

HOVE International Rolling benches on concreteThe HOVE bench systems from HOVE International are universally applicable for maximizing space utilization, plant cultivation, operational efficiencies, labor cost reductions, and higher profits.

HOVE benches can be fitted to different irrigation systems. Depending on growers’ needs, it’s possible to add one-way or two-way valves. The watering groups can be controlled centrally or individually.


HOVE benches have the following specifications:
• 18-inch to 32-inch height from the bench top to the ground
• Benches can also be multi-level when mounted stationary
• Bench tops made out of strong aluminum profiles
• Bench top with plastic liners for ebb and flow or to collect the run-off water
• Bench tops with galvanized mesh or galvanized expanded metal
• Table tops roll very lightly on their sub construction
• Mounting of the bench without welding, using a click system with corners that are pop riveted in place
• The support legs are either set in concrete or they are drilled to a concrete floor
• Height adjustment of 4 inches to level the benches in case of an irregular surface
• Benches can be built around posts when they are in the way
• Benches can be fitted with stanchions for trellises and/or crop netting

10 Things to Consider From HOVE International When Buying Benches

1. Size and shape of the rooms: try to avoid long and narrow rooms

2. Small rooms will leave you with too much unused surface; try to make them 750 square feet or larger

3. Vegetable rooms can be smaller, when you go double or triple tier

4. Know your pot sizes, plant sizes, plant spacing, and height of the plants

5. Watering of the plants: ebb and flow, drip irrigation, hand watering, or other ways

6. Inside your bench: plastic liners, steel mesh, gutters

7. Available height of the greenhouse/warehouse ceiling, light fixtures, plant and working height will give you a bench height

8. Width of the walkways between and around benches, use of cart or trolleys and their sizes

9. Regulations: fire department, emergency doors, and routes

10. Efficiency: Every unused square foot that is heated, cooled, and lit is a waste of money

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