New Greenhouse Software Helps Growers Manage Teams and Tasks

RedBud Software Task ManagementRedBud SoftWare recently released two new features of its greenhouse software lineup: Task Management and Teams. The release also includes improvements to the software’s space allocation functionality.

The new Task Management feature allows controlled environment growers and managers to assign tasks to members of the team, including tasks such as scouting, control product applications, plant care, plant moves, and equipment maintenance. The update provides visibility to management and the entire team as tasks are completed. The new Teams functionality allows growers to set up functional groups within their operations, simplifying task assignment, and reflecting modern management practices.


“Our new release reflects requests we have received from many customers to provide a better way to manage their operations,” says RedBud CEO Bob Wiggins. “Too many head growers are trying to manage their operation by driving around on golf carts and repeatedly asking staff members whether or not important tasks have been completed. Our customers are excited about the improved efficiencies the new functionality will provide. This new release is just one of a number of planned product improvements we are making to RedBud this year, including further enhancements to the space allocation functionality, crop visibility down to the plant level, and better reporting and analysis tools, so that management can make data-driven decisions in CEA operations.”