Natural Ventilation

Natural Ventilation

Natural Ventilation

Businesses face a never-ending fight to control costs. For today’s growers, that means finding ways to minimize capital greenhouse expenses, energy costs and lost product. The Zephyr and Zail technology addresses each of those concerns, providing growers with both cost control and flexibility in running their operations.


These naturally ventilated greenhouses help optimize growing conditions by giving growers a superior, affordable cooling solution. Grower experience in these houses indicates the ability to hold outside ambient temperature in the greenhouse without use of mechanical cooling.

The strength of the Nexus-pioneered, welded-truss design gives growers the flexibility to hang baskets, vegetable crops and equipment, increasing the amount of crop that can be grown in the same space.

“We’re very much in tune with the cost and market pressures our customers face. That understanding enables us to develop technologies that address our customers’ key issues, whether to control energy costs or provide an optimum growing environment,” says Jeff Warschauer, vice president of sales with Nexus. “We continue to improve this already great technology. We recently combined the latest technology with Atrium vents and side/endwall guillotine vents, which eliminates the need for exhaust fans and reduces dependence on high-cost electricity.”

Bryon Rinkenberger of Hoerr Nursery in Peoria, Ill., is in his third season with the Nexus Zail. The house has many retail-friendly features, including the cooling effect provided by the side and roof vents. “One of our main goals in the design phase was the summer comfort level,” Rinkenberger says. “The final product exceeded our expectations.”

The cornerstone of the Zephyr design is the roof that allows hot air to escape at the highest point in the greenhouse, not at the lower gutter area, as in a gutter-vented design. The top ridge vent allows for dehumidification, even when snow is in the gutters. Visit for more information.