Grower-Retailers Pick Their Favorites From Farwest 2017

Members of The Garden Center Group once again named their top selections for the Retailers’ Choice Awards at Farwest 2017. The awards were given to 14 exhibiting firms during a presentation on the Farwest Idea Stage. The Garden Center Group’s Danny Summers lead the retailer search, and products were selected specifically for garden retailers in search of the best new products — both live goods and hard goods — for their stores.

Check out the slideshow above for a closer look at the products and companies receiving recognition, along with a web site for more information.

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2 comments on “Grower-Retailers Pick Their Favorites From Farwest 2017

  1. This would have been really helpful if any of the cultivars/growers were actually identified in the text of the article and slide show. This was missing from on line edition.

  2. Please note we are having a technical issue with our slideshows that we hope to resolve as soon as possible. Thanks! Brian Sparks, Online Editor,

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