Garden Media Group’s 2018 Trends Report Highlights Nature’s Contribution to Mental Wellness

The Garden Media Group has released its 2018 Garden Trends report, which this year offers seven trends that growers and retailers can use to inspire mental wellness.

“Wellness isn’t just about keeping the body healthy anymore; it’s about keeping the mind and spirit healthy, too,” says Katie Dubow, Creative Director at the Garden Media Group. “The 2018 report, ‘Nature’s Rx for Mental Wellness,’ introduces seven trends that inspire a cleaner, more relaxed state-of-mind. It shows that when we disconnect from media and reconnect with Mother Nature, we can make steps toward rebuilding our mental wellness.”


The report includes information on:
• What is driving the increasing consumer desire for mental wellness
• How the climate is changing the way we garden globally and locally, indoors and out
• How to inspire Millennials to garden year-round
• The hottest color of the season

Check out the slideshow above for an overview of the seven themes included in the 2018 report, which is now available for download. You can also take a look back at past trends predicted by the Garden Media Group and how well they succeeded.