Eight Gardening Trends for 2020, and How to Benefit From Them

For nearly 20 years, Garden Media Group has attempted to predict future trends for the garden industry. Most of the time, they are spot on, including last year’s trends forecast.

This year is no different. The theme of the 2020 Garden Trends Report is “Seeing 20/20” and offers a peek into what will be trending in horticulture in 2020 and beyond.


According to Katie Dubow, Creative Director at Garden Media Group, staying on top of trends allows you to take advantage of new opportunities and stay on the cutting edge.

“For years we’ve identified shifts in habits and growth that affect both consumer and professional horticulture,” Dubow says. “From the way we design our cities to the people who work in them, the green industry will be at the forefront of urban growth and development in 2020.”

This year’s trends, Dubow notes, are reinventions from a bygone era, helping to reconnect with nature and soil and leading a more thoughtful approach to life.

Check out the slideshow above for a closer look at the predicted trends for 2020, as well as suggestions from Dubow on how you can take advantage of them. You can also download your own version of the report here.