5 Factors To Consider In Your Cannabis Structure

Cannabis StructureBefore looking at the components that will enhance your cannabis structure, Michael Camplin, Sales Manager for GGS Structures, says to consider the size and specs of your greenhouse. For example, the length of the greenhouse will be a consideration for ventilation. You should avoid greenhouses that are too long when using fan ventilation, Camplin says.

Greenhouse height is also a factor. A taller structure gives a more stable environment due to a larger air mass. Within this structure, supplemental lights should be plus or minus 6 feet from the plant canopy.

1. Ventilation

• In the traditional greenhouse market, more than 90% of structures use natural ventilation.
• When designed properly, this is incredibly efficient and can even cool your greenhouse environment.
• Very little power is needed to open and adjust the roof vents to keep a constant temperature in the greenhouse.
• However, says Camplin, if you’re in an area that has strict odor control requirements, you will still need fans.

2. Light Deprivation

• Add a horizontal truss in the greenhouse so the light deprivation system can easily be added.
• Avoid partially sloped systems to achieve blackout.
• For climates that need cooling during the blackout period, light traps are used to allow airflow through fans, vents, and cooling pads without allowing light through.
• Reduce the amount of supplemental light pollution coming out of the greenhouse at night (in other words, be a good neighbor).
• You will hopefully gain a huge amount of energy savings, reflecting the heat back into the greenhouse.
• Because it is supplemental and not the sole source of light, spectrum and intensity are not as important as in indoor growing.
• Consideration needs to be made regarding location, climate conditions, and cost of electricity.

3. Benching

• Use rolling benches to increase production by up to 50%.
• Create an aisle whenever you need to for easy access to the crop.
• Production space is expensive, so make the most of it
• Grow-net supports can be added to benches to support top-heavy plants as the buds mature. This also minimizes the risk of stem damage.
• Liners can help capture runoff water.

4. Irrigation

• Always start with clean water.
• Reverse osmosis depends on the quality of your water to start with.
• pH levels need to be correct.
• Make sure you are accurately delivering nutrients to your plants.
• Capturing and recycling of nutrient water runoff is sometimes mandated.
• Containing excess moisture is a good practice for cleanliness and to reduce unnecessary humidity in your growing environment.

5. Odor Control

Odor control is a particularly challenging issue for cannabis producers. Carbon filtration systems are generally more effective for indoor growing, and they can be costly for greenhouse environments. The filters also need to be replaced often.

Odor neutralization systems may be a better fit, as they have more potential for greenhouse applications, and also destroy odor compounds.

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4 comments on “5 Factors To Consider In Your Cannabis Structure

  1. In Washington State, few growers are making profit because of quality issues and tax costs. When the outdoor growers harvest the crop volumes overwhelm markets causing gluts and price drops. Basically there is a race to the lowest price received by the growers, not a good way to start an industry… There is more profit in growing greenhouse organic tomatoes!

    1. I agree! Iv’e been in the cannabis industry 25 years, now I’m thinking about growing anything but cannabis. Berries maybe.

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