How To Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Cannabis Structure

How To Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Cannabis Structure

Cannabis StructureIf there’s one message that Michael Camplin, Sales Manager for GGS Structures, has when it comes to making investments in structures and components for greenhouse cannabis production, it’s this: don’t be thrifty.

“You need to have deep pockets. The long-term profit potential for your crop is so high that it’s important to invest in good systems,” Camplin says.


It also helps if you’re already growing crops in a greenhouse, as opposed to someone who has yet to venture into greenhouse production but wants to do so to take advantage of the opportunities cannabis provides.

“If you already have a facility in place, it will save you a lot of time,” Camplin says. “Not only should you already know how to use automation equipment, but you will also most likely have a good relationship with current suppliers, which goes a long way in terms of knowing who you can trust.”

Camplin says that many suppliers are trying to take advantage of this new industry, adding high mark-ups and substandard product or old technology.

Camplin recently participated in a webinar presented by Greenhouse Canada on the cannabis profit opportunities for greenhouse growers.

So where do you go from here? Camplin suggests beginning with a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats). Within each of these categories, evaluate where you rank in the following criteria.

• Existing horticultural knowledge and experience
• Already have a greenhouse structure that can be retrofitted for cannabis growing
• Existing supplier relationships

• May not have the capital to cover costs of becoming a licensed grower.
• Cannabis is a completely different market than traditional horticulture with differing customer needs. Growers need to learn the business.

• The cannabis market is in its infancy, so there is more opportunity for profit at this stage.
• We are just starting to see the end of prohibition. This is the best time to build a cannabis brand.
• Take advantage of all the benefits of growing in a greenhouse versus an indoor facility (e.g., using natural sunlight to reduce energy usage)

• Big competition is coming.
• Increased government growing regulations can be costly to keep up with (e.g., odor control, security requirements, etc.).