New Begonia Introductions For 2013

‘Sparks Will Fly’ from Burpee Home Gardens

Begonia ‘Sparks Will Fly’ from Burpee Home Gardens

The unique dark bronze foliage and tangerine blooms of ‘Sparks Will Fly’ have retail appeal. Bright orange blooms mature to yellow in the fall. ‘Sparks Will Fly’ features a medium “rounded mounded” habit that stays controlled.
Height: 15 to 18 inches
Spread: 15 to 18 inches


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3 comments on “New Begonia Introductions For 2013

  1. Peter Klement

    What kind of summer heat tolerance do these new Tuberous types have? Are they only adapted for areas where with moderate summer temps? Has there been breeding improvement for hot summers, and how much heat will they take? Do they potentially open new markets?

  2. Gregory Sytch

    All tuberous do not tolerate extreme heat with humidity. I am in Tampa Bay, and by June they melt. Period. In areas with drier summers they do much better, but prefer a drop in temp at night. As Horticultural Correspondent for the American Begonia Society, I have experience!

  3. Tom Ogren

    I notice that some of these new begonia cultivars are now all-male plants, with no female flowers at all. First time I’ve seen this sort of thing with begonia, and it is unfortunate, to say the least. They have managed to take a very low-allergen, low-pollen plant, and come up with just the opposite. Take a close look at ‘Sparks Will Fly’….nothing but male flowers.