Allan Armitage Joins HGTV HOME Plant Selection Team

Allan Armitage Joins HGTV HOME Plant Selection Team

ArmitageHorticulture expert and regular contributor to Greenhouse Grower magazine Allan Armitage has joined the HGTV HOME Plant Collection team as a member of its plant selection committee.

“Dr. Armitage has served as Professor Emeritus of Horticulture at the University of Georgia for over 30 years and is well-respected for his expertise across the horticulture industry, making him a natural choice for our plant selection committee,” says Randy Hunter, managing partner of Agricola Management Group, exclusive licensee for the Plant Collection.


Home and Lifestyle Brand HGTV worked in conjunction with Agricola Management Group to develop its various Plant Collections.

“Armitage will be responsible for overseeing the genetics evaluation processes for both annuals and perennials under consideration for the Plant Collection, taking into account performance evaluations from growers and consumer gardeners alike,” says Hunter.

“Dr. Armitage has contributed greatly to the economic viability of our industry and recently, he has been quite vocal about the need for horticulture to aggressively market new gardening solutions to the younger generation. The HGTV HOME Plant Collection team agrees whole-heartedly,” says Hunter. “We believe that partnering with him will facilitate our own process of making gardening even simpler and more rewarding for both today’s gardening fans and the next generation of gardeners.”

Armitage will help ensure the highest quality genetics are chosen for the Plant Collection varieties. The HGTV HOME Plant Collection has been available in more than 950 retailers in the U.S. and Canada since its launch in 2013, with continued expansion of growers, retailers and plant varieties anticipated for the coming months.

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