AquaPots Set to Make Splash in Garden Center World

Inside view of AquaPots self-watering plant container

AquaPots, created by Jack Barnwell of C3 Gardens and designed by Michael Carr Designs, were trialed and tested for three years with impressive results when it comes to reduced water use.
Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

Great minds think alike. Michael Carr Designs, Proven Winners, and landscape designer Jack Barnwell, co-owner of C3 Gardens, recently teamed up to create AquaPots, a new line of high-end, self-watering ceramic containers for the garden center market. The unique product received a Retailers’ Choice Award at Cultivate ’19 in Columbus, OH, last month.


AquaPots were trialed and tested for three years with impressive results, according to Proven Winners. The containers were created to save on labor costs because their water reserve and wicking process allow plants to go up to a week without having to be watered. The pots don’t use plastic drip tubing that would require connection to a water source, so they sport a clean look and can be easily moved.

Garden industry supplier BFG Supply Co. is the exclusive distributor of AquaPots, which are available in eight designs in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Other features of the hand-made containers include being freeze, frost, and even hurricane resistant.

“AquaPots combine stunning Michael Carr pottery with a well-tested, self-watering insert to create beautiful and efficient garden additions,” said Curt Varsogea, National Sales Manager, Four Star Greenhouse. “AquaPots allow us to set ourselves apart by offering hand-made pottery that can be positioned where it will be most enjoyed. Our customers order more containers because they are so easy to use and beautiful.”

AquaPots and other Michael Carr Designs pottery will be on display at the Proven Winners booth at the 2019 IGC Show in Chicago, August 13-15.